Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tip of the Knife, Issue 2

In Paleolithic times, networking meant mail: hard copy, post office-stuffed snail mail; stamps, envelopes, and licking yucky stuff were the order of the day. It was effective- I got to know scores of visual poets, and we all put out great magazines, courtesy of the U.S. Mail. The main problem- it’s slow, and I’m not very good at waiting.
So Time is great at breaking down barriers. We see near instant interaction thanks to internet communication. I have had entire conversations, video included, with a visual poet in Germany. He emailed me a file of goods for future Tip of the Knife mags. Twenty days work in twenty minutes.
I do T of K totally online. Advantages: color without the cost, drag and click capabilities that give us supreme freedom of placement, balance and size, programs like Photoshop that manipulate to your heart’s content, and I don’t have to decide what binding to use.
One essential aspect of networking; you have to use it. As we get closer, and the world gets smaller, our shared neural net, called Adam Kadmon, informs us all of our collective possibilities.
I’m still learning all the tricks. But while I do, people I don’t know are looking at T of K. It’s exciting to think about shooting your visual poetry off into a hundred thousand houses, everyone joining the dance.

Thung Zan (Progress and Success)


Guy R. Beining
Andrew Topel
Nico Vassilakis
Geof Huth
John M Bennett
Richard Kostelanetz
Leon 5

Guy R. Beining

Andrew Topel
wrecktangle 1

wrecktangle 2

wrecktangle 4

wrecktangle 5

wrecktangle 6

Nico Vassilakis
notes from avant writing symposium 191

notes from avant writing symposium 192

notes from avant writing symposium 198

notes from avant writing symposium 222

notes from avant writing symposium 227

Geof Huth

(blue) afRO dITes (Homage to Bill Keith)

ALSO 03 (2005.03.01)1

F&AP 30 Leg of Letters

manual typewriter muse creativity

The Mountain and the Water

John M. Bennett

Cardboards 6 10 003

Cardboards 6 10

JMB Cardboards 4 10 002

Richard Kostelanetz



likes_disliikes 3

Leon 5

adult games



go back butterfly

The Death of Marat

Accepting submissions:

MaOAS Visual Poetry Exhibition 2010 (MaOAS YPEx 2010)
Please submit email attachments or copies/artwork to:
Matthew Stolte
19 S Franklin St Apt 1
Madison, WI 53703-3078

Tip of the Knife #3
Submissions by 11/17/10

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The Last Vispo Anthology: A Selection of International Visual Poetry, 1998-2008
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