Monday, November 25, 2013

Tip of the Knife, Issue 14

This issue of TOK is dedicated to the amazing art of children.  I’ve been a teacher since 1973 and I’ve seen both beautiful and not so beautiful artworks - the great thing is sometimes I can’t tell which is which.

These children range from 5 to 10 years old. Pieces were not chosen for artistic skills, great results, sophisticated concepts, skill or dexterity, students were not chosen for good behavior or cuteness - they were chosen for their love of the craft, for the joy of making.

I know hundreds of artists and musicians, poets and vispos, pundits and megalomaniacs, pseudointellectuals and poseurs, and to be honest I prefer the company of my students (when’s the last time a visual poet hugged you?)

So here they are with wonder in their eyes, mining the essence of innocence.

Maybe you can become a child too.

Jake, Age 7

Nathan, Age 6

Leilani, Age 5

Saige, Age 8 

 Rebecca, Age 5

Luke, Age 6 

Taylor, Age 7 

 Aja, Age 10

 Darius, Age 9

 Jordan,  Age 5

 Jack, Age 9

 Will, Age 6

 Dot, Age 5

Jason, Age 8

 Kyle, Age 10

 Mark, Age 5

 Garrett, Age 8

Christian, Age 5

Accepting submissions for issue number 15, one position left.  Due date for submissions is January 1, 2014 - a new year for new work.  Send submissions to


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