Sunday, March 3, 2019

Tip of the Knife, Issue 32: Tik-TOK


Time is the medium of music

Thomas Mann


Alex Duensing
karl kempton
Luc Fierens
Marilyn R. Rosenberg
Nico Vassilakis
Peter Ganick
Bill DiMichele


Alex Duensing

The following pieces are movies with exactly one frame, in which, through the gestalt shifting that happens over time, a piece of asemic writing becomes a signature--as the camera's depth of field shifts.


the night hunt 2


A one-frame movie, that moves and reveals meaning as different gestalts occur in time to the viewer.

karl kempton


ti me



ti me less

Luc Fierens


as a visual poet i re-write reality, bringing images of different layers together, layers of time and significance, signs and signifiers.  I like making series, because there is a narrative, a sequence of thoughts developed and the viewer can fill in the gaps of what he want to see, it stays open, time  will tell how (my) images survive.  Time since my mail-art has been a curious thing, waiting for the postman to receive mailings (as a gift (Ray Johnson) and making connections, also my vispo is about this i guess, i cannot live without the others and i try to see their place in reality by viewing them, talking, caring, scratching the real from the photo-shopped reality.  And this series is mostly black & white, i see the world like that.

Marilyn R. Rosenberg


2007, a one of a kind, 14 3/4" w x 16 "h.  A visual poem that talks about aging around an egg, a mouse, and a plant called 'old woman'.  There is a fading sun, or is it the moon, in the sky?  A circle (clock face of sorts) are made with ink marks, and pencils, gouache, water color, ink, and use of stencils.  Now there are a few prints of the computer version.

Nico Vassilakis

TIME: the same time

Peter Ganick

Somewhere between late afternoon and sunset.  It’s a very thin line that marks a moment

   opens a field of vision.  What kind of nature have we here?  Do patterns in time/history
   repeat? Where are you looking now?

Bill DiMichele

There’s a new kind of time here, every leaf or flower, even the pen in my hand,
all surrounded by halos of themselves.

J G Ballard

Here am I come perforce my love of her
Behold mine adoration
Maketh me clear, and there are power in this
Which, played on by the virtues of her soul
Break down the four square walls of standing Time.

Ezra Pound

Our present formulation of string theory presupposes the existence
of space and time with which strings move about and vibrate.

Brian Green

For one who has not begun to awake, time is not counted
Because it does not exist, always the same thing,
Again and again

P.D. Ouspensky

This was when Billy first came unstuck in time.
His attention began to swing wildly through
the full arc of his life passing into death which
was violet light.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

These last 3 pieces are all related in structure energy and concept; it’s my personal experience that you can crack Nature’s Time Code with Peyote or LSD. I’ve done this; these pieces are like shifting sand, they have no color, only mad shades and tones; there is no sound, only perpendicular sonic structure, only Orange Sunshine, only the Fourth Dimension. You can transcend the normal world now, and enter the beatific one, the world of cranberry wasps, of flowering time storms.

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