Friday, February 17, 2012

Tip of the Knife, Issue 8

(as I see it/them)

1.  The Thin Red Line  
“Darkness, light, strife, love, are they the features of the same face?  Oh my soul, let me be in you now.  Look out at the things you made, all things shining.”

2.  Un Chien Analou
“Art doesn’t have to be pretty to be valuable.”

3. The Departed
“Do you know who John Lennon is?”
“Yeah, president before Lincoln.”
“He said, I’m an artist, give me a fuckin tuba and I’ll get you something out of it.”

4.  Run Lola Run
“One answer will give rise to the next question.”

5.  City of God
“Can you read?”
“Only the pictures.”

6.  Art  School Confidential
“It has the singularity of outsider art’s conscious rejection of spatial dynamics and the intimacy of picture making.”

7. The Ring
“Sometimes children yell or cry…or draw pictures.”

8.  Wings of Desire
“Tell me muse, of the storyteller who has been thrust to the edge of the world, as an infant  and an ancient, and through him, reveal everyman.”

9.  Pi
“It was given to me. It’s inside of me. It’s changing me.”

10.  Ghost World
“What are you studying?  You were always such a smart little girl.”
“I’m taking a remedial art class for fuck ups and retards.”

11.  Basquiat
Andy Warhol to Jean-Michael:  “I don’t know what’s good anymore!”

12.  Cinema Paradiso
“The princess told the soldier, "if you can wait 100 days and nights under my balcony, then I shall be yours.”  So he waited night and day, through rain and freezing cold. Then, on the 99th day, he stood up and went away."

13.  Apocalypse Now
“Where’s the dog!?”

If you have one, share it with us.


Scott Davenport
Bárbara Mesquita
Bruno Neiva
Gustave Morin
Joel A. Lipman
Joel Chace
Peter Ciccariello

Bárbara Mesquita

 pencil pool on paper _1

 pencil pool on paper _2

 pencil pool on paper _3

pencil pool on paper _4

Bruno Neiva

 re-blue 10.1

re-blue 10.2

re-blue 10.1_ 2

Gustave Morin



 Joel A. Lipman

#643 Three Right

#647 YQ

#650 E Type Series

Origins of Poetry A New Way to Add

Origins of Poetry Ogee Lines

Joel Chace

 From Complete  1

 From Complete 2

 From Complete 3

 From Complete 5

From Complete 7

Peter Ciccariello

 ashberry IV

 That home and refuge IV

 That home and refuge V

 That home and refuge I

the ossified conversation II


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