Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tip of the Knife, Issue 19





Bob Grumman
Enzo Minarelli
Mark Young
Massimo Stirneri
Richard Kostelanetz
Vernon Frazer
Volodymyr Bilyk

Bob Grumman

It’s sheer coincidence that Bob Grumman appears in this issue of Tip of the Knife; it was accepted +/- 6 months ago and hasn’t been seen anywhere before.

I remember when Crag Hill first showed me Bob’s Mathemaku, I said to myself “Here’s something new.” It’s an alternative arithmetic, a union of left and right brains, of numbers letters and signs.

And there’s a rising up for all of us in the wake of his passing; as always, he’s showing us the way.

Julie, Will and I were sad that Bob never got a chance to see this work in TOK, but then we figured he’s looking at it right now.

Bill DiMichele  

The Mind Of Stevens - 7 Feb 15 Final Version

The Mind Of Stevens - 7 Feb 15 Final Version No 2

Tribute to the Arts--15 December 2012

Enzo Minarelli

" Il cesso di questa libertà could be grosso modo translated as The w.c. of such liberty,  cesso is also in Italian the present tense for I stop, so it is a sort of pun better understood if one manages Italian, but, as visual poetry employs a universal language, I think all that arrives at an international audience, or at least I hope so. What the piece tries to communicate is that there is not any freedom, which is actually not a novelty at all, but that is why poetry exists, that's to find new ways to tell it!" 

Enzo Minarelli Lima, December 2014

Il cesso di questa libertà - 2013

Mark Young





Massimo Stirneri

"Pictures from a series called Nefomanzia (which means the divination by the clouds). This kind of divination falls outside of ancient established techniques/arts for obtaining answers. It has no acceptance, due to the extreme variability and randomness of meteorological phenomena, yet you could guess answers that don't need questions, even that foresee them.

In these pictures, I take advantage of simple negative effect to give prominence to contrasts, like writings. I'm obsessed by the capability of inverted luminance to disclose sometimes a richer side of reality."

Immag0413 - Nefomanzia

Immag0414 - Nefomanzia

Immag0415 - Nefomanzia

Immag0416 - Nefomanzia

Immag0417 - Nefomanzia

Immag0419 - Nefomanzia

Immag0420 - Nefomanzia

Richard Kostelanetz

From the beginning of my work in visual poetry forty-five years ago, I wanted to create from words alone images so strong that they would stick in viewers’ heads long after their eyes turned away from my work. When I first heard the epithet After-Image as an honorific among visual artists, I recognized it as analogous to the strongest lines in strictly verbal poetry. Now that I’ve seen others claim the epithet Visual Poetry for words embedded in other kinds of images (usually less distinguished), I feel more reason to declare and extend my original ambition that I find that with words alone I can make the most powerful afterimages available to me.

-Richard Kostelanetz
FarEast BushWick, NY, 11385-5751
14 May 2014

 OUROBOROS (NY Quarterly)

Vernon Frazer

Nemo under the League - Page 1

Nemo under the League - Page 2

Nemo under the League - Page 3

Nemo under the League - Page 4

Nemo under the League - Page 5

Nemo under the League - Page 6

Volodymyr Bilyk

VISPO N - 0015

VISPO N - 0016

vispo O - 0004

vispo O - 0012

vispo O - 0016

vispo O - 0022

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  1. An impressive, diverse collection of work, once again, Bill. I'm saddened to hear of Bob Grumman's passing.

  2. I dedicate my poetry chapbook Mathemaku x5 for the soul of Bob Grumman the father of mathematical haiku who passed away on 02/04/2015.

  3. By the way, thanks for this great issue of Tip of the Knife.